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BLACK BREATH - Heavy Breathing LP

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Southern Lord is proud to present Heavy Breathing, the brutal and infectious debut full-length from Seattle's Black Breath.

Following on the band's incredible incendiary EP Razor To Oblivion, they travelled to Kurt Ballou's (Converge, Trap Them, Disfear) God City Studios, to lay down ten brand new tracks.

Taking influence from Swedish black metal while still drawing on the raw punk and hardcore sounds, this debut is one of the most anticipated albums on the underground in years.

Formed in the winter of 2005, Black Breath made the move from their native Bellingham to stake a claim as Seattle's heaviest hardcore band.

They made the rounds playing tons of shows, four DIY tours up and down the West Coast and the Midwest, and getting onboard gigs with bands as varied a s The Accused, Book of Black Earth, Zeke, Nachtmystium and many more.

2010 will see them devastating stages across the world as they take their blackened filthy sounds across the world.

You have been warned.

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