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Label: Doxy Cinematic

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Two of Italy's top soundtrack musicians, Nino Rota and Armando Trovajoli, are
responsible for the exciting music featured in Boccaccio `70.

Rota has
been the composer of dozens of famous film soundtracks and his music contributed
greatly to Fellini's previous hit films, "La Strada," "I Vitelloni" and "La
Dolce Vita." In "The Temptation of Dr.

Antonio," Rota subtly underlines
the obsession for morality which dominates the life of Dr.

Antonio, the
leading character in the episode . . . and his sensitive musical comment on
Visconti's contribution to Boccaccio `70 - "The Job"-is a unique asset to the
great director's work.

Armando Trovajoli is the composer of the musical
commentary to De Sica's "The Raffle." Trovajoli was the first composer to induce
Sophia Loren to sing in a film .

. . and in "The Raffle," Sophia sings
again. The strikingly effective underscoring for Boccaccio `70, composed by
these two outstanding musicians, is in no small way responsible for the smash
box-office success of the film around the world (from original liner notes)
Limited edition of 500 copies

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